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Merrimac State High School has a proud tradition in the development of fine young Australians who contribute significantly to the local and global community in which we live.
Our school has a commitment to:
  • Quality design
  • Quality processes and
  • Quality outcomes.

Our learning framework reflects our commitment to quality curriculum design through a seamless responsiveness to the needs of our students, community, industry and government.

Quality design 

Learning framework

Quality process and outcomes

As part of the commitment to process and outcomes, we aspire to excellence through a quality learning experience. As such Merrimac State High School’s learning community commits to:

Quality learning

The beliefs upon which our learning framework has been founded are:
  • Through engagement we achieve success
  • Through relationships we achieve support and
  • Through assessment we achieve celebration.

Our curriculum focus is upon:

  • 21st century learning skills
  • Learning connected to the real world and
  • Learning opportunities that deliver intellectual challenge.

The learning and learner focus will be upon:

  • High expectations
  • Engaged learning and
  • Focused teaching. 

21st century skills - skills, attitudes and abilities

  • Proficient in the use of technology
  • Communicate information and ideas using a variety of media and formats
  • Access, exchange, compile, organize, analyse and synthesize information
  • Conclusions and generalizations based on information gathered
  • Know content and be able to locate additional information as needed
  • Evaluate information and sources
  • Construct, produce and publish models, content and other creative works
  • Become self-directed learners
  • Collaborate and operate in team efforts
  • Solve problems and make informed decisions
  • Interact with others in an ethical and appropriate way

Quality curriculum

Curriculum framework

Our school values