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Smart Classrooms


Smart ClassroomsMerrimac State High School  has implemented the BYOD device program​ through Years 7 to 12.  The BYO device program gives families the freedom to purchase laptops of their choice, which fit in with minimum requirements to be able to login to Merrimac State High School network as a guest user. These programs respond to the challenges and improvements in the way knowledge and understanding can now be taught, whilst also responding to the needs of our first 'connected generation'. As a school, we need to exploit this connectivity to ensure we deliver flexible learning opportunities. Our culture is to challenge students to engage with technology as a learning tool.
Digital Education and ICT’s have been recognised world wide as the future of education. No longer are the teachers the ‘Keepers of All Knowledge’ restricting students to limited amounts of information and detail of subject content. The world is just a few short clicks away. Laptops for learning shall alter the educational landscape significantly, students have at their finger tips:
  • Subject unit & lesson plans
  • Assessment tasks & results
  • Teacher & support network
  • A Communication portal
  • Digital textbooks & resource material
  • Pod & Vodcast of lessons, never missing a lesson
  • Online virtual classrooms
  • Online tutorials & lessons without leaving home
  • Access to real people in real time from educational institutes around the world
It is the vision of Merrimac State High School to set a course where students and teachers will enjoy and prosper in a technology enriched environment, providing for all an opportunity to develop 21st century skills as well as a love of learning.