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​Your Australian experience will be made more memorable by the people you meet and the friendships you make.  Here are some thoughts from our international students.

Samantha Schwartz – Yr 11 Brazilian StudentSamantha Schwartz
Merrimac is the school that will be forever saved in my memory; good friends, teachers who always help when I need and the place which is wonderful! Studying here, it’s been one unbelievable experience which will be forever saved in my heart!


Peter Liu (Liu Rui) Year 12 Qilu Student (Chinese)Peter Liu
It is a beautiful garden; it is a big international family, it is a wonderful paradise, it is a perfect place for studying, it is Merrimac State High School. I love talking and playing with my friendly Australian mates. I enjoy having good lessons with kind teachers at Merrimac. Especially, I would like to thank the International Department, the staff treat us like their own children and are always there to help us with our problems. We never feel alone. Everything is going so well, beyond description! Today, Merrimac is famous, so we are famous, even though we are from China, because we are Merrimac students. Tomorrow we will be famous, so Merrimac will be more famous, because we were Merrimac students.

Method Kabelitz – Yr 11 German Student
Method KabelitzMerrimac is a good school with a lot of nice people. The teachers and students know how to welcome international students and try to help them where ever they can. The school area is pretty big and you can find whatever you look for.

If you look for basketball courts, a soccer field or rugby goals you’ll find it. The people are kind to each other and if you need something, especially international students, you only have to ask one of the students or teachers and they will help you.

Jessica JiaJessica Jia (Jia Xin) Year 11 Qilu Student (Chinese)
Merrimac State High School is a big family which congregates many countries and civilizations. In here everyone gets along very well with each other, and for international students, it is a good school to see how Australians live their lives and about Australian culture. Above all, it’s a great chance to learn and see another country.



Jack LiJack Li (Li DaPeng) Year 12 Qilu Student (Chinese)
I am happy to acknowledge my debt to my teacher.
I am beholden to the teacher for your help.
I learned lots of knowledge from Merrimac State High School.
Looking back into the past and forward into the future,
I am full of confidence of victory,
I learned so many things from Merrimac State High School.
Nothing can shake my assurance that I will win the victory.


Daniela GaleaoDaniela Galeao – Yr 11 Brazilian Student
Although being one place for study and culture, Merrimac is a place of friendship and happiness. I’m loving studying here, it’s been one unforgettable experience!




Daisy Wang (Wang Jingjing) Year 11 Qilu Student (Chinese)
Daisy WangMerrimac State High School is located in the central region within the Gold Coast. It has the first rate teaching equipment and supplies, the teachers in there are very humorous and the living after school is very abundant. When I first came here, the style of Merrimac State High School attracted my attention. Every student can study what they are interested in. The teachers are very kind and humorous and that leaves a deeply image in my mind. Merrimac State High School is a large secondary school, however a significant number come from overseas. We can study with each other and talk to each other. Not only make some friends, but also raise our knowledge. Besides, every year, the school will hold some activities. Merrimac State High School makes the students from all over the world, gather together, and raises more and more talented students.