RixRyanQLD-5506.jpgMerrimac State High offers a rich and diverse sports program. The school has a long tradition of valuing physical activity in the lives of its students and promoting a healthy lifestyle not just at school, but as a way of life. Participation from all students, from Year 7 through to Year 12, is encouraged, as part of our endeavour to enhance personal fitness and performance, teach discipline, improve self esteem and promote team-work and a balanced lifestyle. The school boasts a wide range of indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, including a 25-metre swimming pool, indoor sporting facility, oval and tennis complex with four courts.

Together with inter-school sport, internal House competitions are held where house spirit and participation are emphasised; these include the Junior and Senior Swimming Carnivals, Cross-country and Athletic Carnival.

School Sport South Coast now have an online Permission and details booklet (PDF, 585KB). This form is to be completed by all students attending district and regional sport trials. Please carefully follow the instructions outlined at the beginning of the document when completing the booklet.

Merrimac State High School has a weekly sport program which offers interschool sport as well as recreational sport activities. Interschool sport is held during the semester 1 and includes Australian Rules Football, Basketball, Cricket, Hockey, Netball, Rugby League, Soccer, Softball, Touch, Tennis, and Volleyball.

Merrimac is a member of the Oceanic District, and students are able to participate in representative sport through selection trials at district and regional levels.

Sports houses

The house system is designed to reflect and enhance the values of Merrimac State High School. With staff members and students participating enthusiastically in the various house challenges, the school’s values are given concrete meaning as all house members prepare for the future, respect community, value differences, participate and succeed while striving for pride in excellence.

The house system aims to give students an identity and sense of pride in a supportive, secure environment. The houses provide for positive competition and a closer rapport between students and teachers. Each house boasts their distinctive colour and mascot.

The house system is an integral and vibrant part of the school culture. Houses compete in a number of sporting, academic and cultural activities. Each term the houses accumulate points for the various activities they participate in and the winning house receives the house shield at the annual sports award ceremony.

The 4 Houses at Merrimac State High School are Pigin, Mibunn, Bowai and Ngurun to reflect our Indigenous heritage.

Each House has a staff member as a house leader and 2 students as house captains.

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Last reviewed 09 November 2021
Last updated 09 November 2021