Principal’s welcome


Welcome to Merrimac State High School, one of the Gold Coast's premium educational environments. As an internationally recognised school with an outstanding reputation, Merrimac delivers world class education built upon the core principles of respect, responsibility and reliability.

Our school motto "Pride in Excellence" emphasises our unwavering pursuit of excellence, which we believe is best achieved when students, parents, teachers and community work together to reach the greatest possible educational outcomes. 

We recognise that learning is a lifelong endeavour and that, while a Merrimac education is intellectually challenging, it also focuses on the development of character and skills that will continue to serve our students beyond the classroom.  

Our dynamic school curriculum includes a fully integrated Wellbeing Program, "Merrimac Minds Matter", which affords students the time and space to ask the difficult questions. It is here that students uncover the value of life skills such as resilience, honesty, integrity and respect.   

Through our Selective Entry Program, students are engaged with opportunities for academic, sporting and cultural extension. This is based on the understanding that fostering student interests and providing opportunities for growth allows students to reach their highest potential.       

Our Leadership Program challenges students through opportunities for mentoring, contributing to a culture of collective wellbeing and service to the community.    

The digital world is a reality and our Bring Your Own Device Program provides extended learning opportunities both at home and at school. Our highly experienced teaching staff constantly explore opportunities to bring authentic learning experiences to students, with an innovative approach to technology that best equips our students for life in the 21st Century.

Owing to our strong relationships with Griffith, Bond and Southern Cross Universities, students are provided flexible pathways to tertiary education, while our industry partners offer a diverse range of traineeships and school-based apprenticeships.

Industry not only works in partnership with the school to create positive employment outcomes for students but also simultaneously shapes and designs curriculum and vocational standards in alignment with modern workforce trends.

Our accreditation by the Council of International Schools (CIS) demonstrates our commitment to continuous improvement while placing us with only 650 schools worldwide which have met this standard. While the standards we set ourselves are high, we're known for our commitment to our students.

Merrimac State High School is a school with a 'futures' focus and a youthful optimism. Our caring relationships with students and partnerships with parents provide us with the best opportunity to deliver an education that challenges every student to live our motto 'Pride in Excellence'.

Chris Tobin

Last reviewed 02 March 2021
Last updated 02 March 2021