Senior secondary


The Senior phase of learning continues the learning focus and will deliver successful pathways to industry, further education and employment. Year 10 provides the foundation for Years 11 and 12 through a futures curriculum comprising Authority, Authority Registered and Industry Pathway subjects. Students can focus exclusively upon tertiary entrance through Selection Rank or Overall Position (OP) scores or they may choose to explore and negotiate a range of earning and learning career options tailored to individual needs.

Authority subjects

ArtAccounting, Biological Science, Business Communication and Technologies, Business Enterprises, Chemistry, Chinese, Dance/Dance Excellence, Drama, Economics, English (Extension, Core), English / English Extension-Literature, English for Learners where English is their Second Language, Geography, Graphics, Information Processing and Technology, Japanese, Legal Studies, Marine Studies, Maths (Extension, Core), Maths A, Maths B, Maths C, Philosophy & Reason, Music, Photo and Digital Imaging, Physical Education, Physics, Technology Studies, Visual Art.


Regular assessments are conducted at Merrimac State High School to provide high quality information so that learning can be improved, to place students in specific courses of study and to rank students. Assessments are based on student learning outcomes and most subject areas include grades in their assessments.

Each student's achievement and progress in class is assessed by their teacher. Teachers use a variety of ways to assess their students including observing their work in class and looking closely at the work they produce. They make assessments of their students' progress throughout the year on a formative as well as a summative basis.

Regular reporting and assessment is an important part of the learning process as it allows for reflection on achievement and skill development. The assessment used within the curriculum at our school is established in our accredited work programs.

Assessment dates

For summative assessment tasks students will have eight weeks prior notice. These assessment tasks will be set at the start of each semester. The assessment dates for the various subjects are available for student perusal and printing on our school intranet.

Written assessments

Term 1Exams for all levels
Assignments for all levels
Term 2Year 10 Exams
Exams for Years 11 and 12 are completed in a formal shutdown of their normal lessons. Assignments for all levels.
Term 3

Assignments for all levels
Exams for Years 11 and 12 are conducted usually in the second last week of term 3. There is a shutdown for subjects that require longer exams.

Year 12 have Queensland Core Skills Testing in the first week of September.
These are two full days of tests conducted at the school.

Term 4Year 10 Exams
Year 11 and 12 exams are during a formal shutdown usually during their last two weeks of school for each respective year level. Exam timelines for Years 11 and 12 are as per the school calendar.


  • No written assessment is to be given to students for one week prior to shutdown.
  • Practical testing is acceptable.
  • Students are permitted to attend school only for exams.
  • Parental permission for shutdown attendance must be obtained.

Submission of assignments

Chemistry labAll written assignments are to be submitted on the due date specified by each subject department.

Students in Year 10 who are absent on the due date must either make alternative arrangements for bringing the assignment to school or submit a medical certificate to the HOD upon their return.

Any Year 11 or 12 student who is absent for a part of the assessment or examination, must provide a medical certificate on the day of return. Alternative assessment may be arranged with the head of department. If a student does not provide a medical certificate for their absence then that student will not be awarded final marks adding towards the student's exit level of achievement.

Extensions to assignment deadlines can only be granted by the respective head of department.

All students must complete all assessment elements of their course or they may be required to undertake an interview with the school management staff.


Terms 1 and 3An interim report with a coded grade system showing student progress is produced. Parent-teacher interviews occur shortly after reporting.
Semesters 1 and 2

End of semester reports are emailed home at the end of Terms 2 and 4. For the majority of students the grades used on reports are A to E.

Students in Year 11 and 12 who fail to meet assessment commitments and/or who have a D or less in two or more subjects, will be asked to show cause to continue enrolment at this school.

For all year levels, where a student has not completed sufficient tasks to be assigned a grade due to illness, compassionate grounds or recent enrolment, the student will be awarded an NR (not rated) on their report

Parent-Teacher interviews

Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled early in terms two and three to allow parents to discuss the learning progress of their children with their respective subject teachers.

Parents are most welcome to contact their child’s Phoenix teacher and subject teachers or members of the administration team outside the scheduled times. Appointments are to be arranged through the school office.

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