Specialist programs


Specialised programs are offered to students who demonstrate high level skills and abilities in their area of interest. We value every student’s contribution to our school, and seek to have each individual student exit our school feeling that they have been challenged, nurtured and influenced by our community that values life-long learning.

Summit programs

These programs are available to students in Years 7-9 with talents in the areas of sport and academic. Students apply for a place in the Summit program when enrolling in Year 7. The Summit Programs offer additional excursions, guest speakers and a curriculum with learning experiences suited to the needs of more capable students. A laptop is integral to the academic program.

STEAM Academy

Biology classSTEAM Academy (Science, Technology, Enterprise, the Arts and Mathematics) education and skills development play an important role in our educational vision for the future. Fostering education in these areas ensures that today’s students can generate and test new ideas and contribute to the scientific developments and innovations of tomorrow. Increasing society’s capacity in this area will also contribute to job creation and provide solutions to social concerns such as medical, environmental and engineering breakthroughs. Authentic learning is an important foundation of the STEAM Academy and is enhanced by links with industry and tertiary partners; these real-life contexts will assist students with career choices.

The Spark - Our specialised Makerspace offers students unique Sciencelearning experiences by providing industry standard manufacturing tools. It is a space open to students during, before and after class time to create, design and build their own projects. 3D printers, 3D Scanner , CNC milling machines, laser cutter, soldering stations, robotics kits and Virtual Reality development tools are just some of the technologies available for use in The Spark, transforming learning from a traditional theoretical approach to an innovative, interactive experience while students learn 21st century skills.

Sport summit

Summit Sport is about developing an attitude and Sportsmindset to do the extra that others
choose not to. Students will participate in a wide variety of physical performance activities designed to promote improvement of specific physical / mental capacities and attributes, test and improve personal fitness levels, build team work and communication skills. Physical performance activities will utilise facilities within the school and the local community in order to provide exciting challenges for students. Key theoretical concepts relating to exercise science, biomechanics, sports psychology and sports nutrition will be incorporated into the physical performance activities to promote understanding about why things are done in specific ways to optimise peak performance.

Academic Summit

Academic Summit studies seeks to maximize the deep learning opportunities for students and accelerate their learning. Students will be supported and encouraged to participate in a variety of extra-curricular challenges to test their skills against their peers and gain experience in applying their knowledge and skills in new and different settings. Learning experiences will continually promote leadership, self-confidence and problem solving.

Other specialist programs

Girls' Rugby League

This program has been developed in association with the NRL to provide girls who areSports passionate about playing Rugby League and wish to develop skills and knowledge that would allow them to pursue a career in playing, coaching and management within the sport of Rugby League. Students gain skills and knowledge in areas of fitness training, training program design, coaching and refereeing qualifications as well as qualifications in First Aid and Sports Medicine by the time they complete Year 12.

Instrumental Music Program

This program broadens the musical, intellectual and cultural horizons of our studentsMusic as well as fostering self-esteem, confidence and team work. Being part of the Instrumental Music program enables students to have a powerful means of expression and communication. Students learn orchestral or band instruments through instruction on a group basis and are extended through participation in concert band, stage band, brass, percussion and string ensembles. Students in the Instrumental Music program have at least two contact periods per week, one in an instrumental lesson and at least one in an ensemble rehearsal. Our Instrumental Music students have many performance opportunities such as: school concerts, Presentation Night, primary school performances and workshops, community events, eisteddfods, Fanfare Competition, and can be involved as accompaniment for the school musical. The students also participate in a music camp which focuses on building ensemble cohesion and intense musical skill development. The Instrumental Music program assists in the preparation for students looking for a career in the music industry.

Last reviewed 24 January 2020
Last updated 24 January 2020